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Importance of the Art of Shaving in Today’s Era

A clean shaven face tells others about you before a single word is spoken. It means you likely have a job. It means you care about how you look. It means you’re diligent. A closer look, however, can give lie to those assumptions. Missed spots can betray a rushed, neglectful nature. The 5 o’clock shadow […]

Shaving Tips for Men in Skokie

Getting that nice perfect clean shave can be quite a difficult task for some men. There is the problem of razor burn, or even the possibility of cutting yourself while shaving. So, how do you get a nice clean shave in the morning without all the possible problems? Well, it is not as difficult as […]

Tips for Obtaining the Perfect Shave

Every man has the task of needing to shave their facial hair. There are endless options in how to style your facial hair. Some men keep it a close clean shave; some just have a mustache or a goatee. Or if a full beard and mustache is your style, your beard still needs to be […]