Professional Landscaping Tips

Thoughtful landscaping often adds the finishing touches and gives the property value as well as curb appeal. There are any number of things a homeowner can do to add those special landscaping touches to a yard, such as keeping the grass cut and trimmed, shrubs and bushes trimmed and creating flower beds.

Here are 5 professional landscaping tips any homeowner can undertake, or a professional landscaper can be hired to perform the work. There is a variety of ExMark equipment available to help with the landscaping tasks.

1.) Mowing a lawn may seem like a simple task, and when considering the mechanics of the task it is simple, but there is a little more than meets the eye. Grass should only be cut 1/3 of the height at a time. Removing more than a third of the height at a time will result in a lawn that is stressed and will not thrive. The taller the grass, the deeper the roots grow the better the grass will withstand drought conditions. Following these simple rules will keep a lawn looking healthy and green.

2.) Over watering a lawn will cause reduced wear tolerances, high degree of disease and low vigor. Watering should take place in the early morning so the extra moisture will be dried by the sun and wind. A general rule of green thumb is to water lawns at the rate of one inch per week. A lawn in direct sunlight for most of the day would require 60 to 90 minutes of watering per session.

3.) Planting trees has many benefits for the landscaping. A tree gives the yard a majestic look, as well as breaks up the view across the yard. The branches and trunk provide a noise reduction element, as well as provide shade. The shade actually protects the lawn as it allows the shaded area to hold moisture for longer periods of time, especially when the sun is hot. The decayed leaves left to compost in place will replenish the soil with valuable nutrients.

4.) Lawn area and mowing can be reduced by creating walkways from the street or the garage to the front door and around the house. Popular walk materials are brick and pavers. The bricks and pavers are set in a dry bed such as stone dust or sand and set in attractive patterns. There is no law that says a walk has to have a straight alignment to it. A curved walk with attractive edging will add an element of thoughtfulness to the design.

5.) Lighting will add an element of safety and create yard ambience after dark. Foot lights along the walk or a soft spotlight illuminating the front of the house will give the property character. A spot light in the back of the house, as well as anywhere around the house, will discourage break-ins.

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