Shaving Tips for Men in Skokie

Getting that nice perfect clean shave can be quite a difficult task for some men. There is the problem of razor burn, or even the possibility of cutting yourself while shaving. So, how do you get a nice clean shave in the morning without all the possible problems? Well, it is not as difficult as it may seem. There are some steps that you can take that can ensure a nice, clean and problem free shave every morning.

Moisten your face

Make sure your face is nice and moistened. Hair that is moistened becomes swollen and weaker, and is therefor easier to cut. When moistening your face with water, make sure the water is warm. Never use cold water or even a dry face, as this leads to razor burn and shaving rash. A good way to get your face nice and moistened is by shaving after you have taken a warm shower.

The right cream

It is important that you choose the right shaving cream. This shaving cream should be of high quality, and not the cheaper option. The shaving cream should include a good amount of lubricants and should moisturizer as well. Shaving gels are preferred over the shaving foam. This is because gels create a more creamy lather as opposed to foamy creams, which create more resistance and lessen the life of the razor you are using.

The right razor

This may be fairly overstated, however it is still very true. It is very important, if you want a quality shave, that you use a quality razor. Gone are the days of using those cheap plastic razors that you can buy in bulk. If you want a quality shave, you are going to have to spend quality money. It is well worth it in the long run to invest in a reputable razor producing company.


After you shave, it is important that you rinse your face. Rinsing with warm water helps to sooth the skin after shaving.


Moisturizing with a quality shaving lotion is ideal to help replenish the moisture in the skin that was lost while shaving. It also goes a long way in soothing the skin, as shaving is quite detrimental to the top layer of the skin. Also, it is important that the shave lotion you choose is designed for men. Those made for women are greasy and do not absorb as quickly as those designed for men

These are just some steps you can take to ensure you get a close and clean shave without all the problems that are usually associated with shaving. For more formation for those in the Skokie are, please see your local Skokie barber shop for more shaving tips.

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